The TMPT medal (TMPT-cross)

The TMPT medal is a silver coloured eight branched lily cross (39 millimetres breadthways). The diagonal branches are shorter than the horizontal and vertical branches. The cross is tied to the ribbon by a silver coloured crown. The length of the cross and the crown is 54 millimetres.


A medallion with the Dutch Lion with sword and a sheaf of arrows is placed in the centre of the cross. Originally the back of the cross had a flat surface with a letter of the abbreviation TMPT on each of the horizontal and vertical branches. Nowadays this abbreviation is entirely on the back of the cross. Originally a rosette was placed after completing of the second participation successfully. This was abolished after World War II. 


By successfully completion of the second until the ninth participation and from the eleventh until the twenty-fourth participation the participant receives the corresponding figure, te be attached on the ribbon of the medal.


By the successfully completion of the tenth participation the branches of the TMPT medal will be blue enamelled and by the twenty-fifth completion the cross is granted in a red enamelled version.

The cross and the ribbon are designed by the reserve first lieutenant from the 5th Regiment Field Artillery A.R. Klein, also the first general manager of the TMPT.


The ribbon of the cross is divided into 7 red and blue stripes. On the ribbon of the cross silver coloured numbers will be worn.


The cross is also a model for the logo of the Royal Association of Netherlands Reserve Officers (KVNRO) and is in a different model also used as Cross of Merit of this association. In that last case the blue enamelled cross will be equipped with a laurel wreath on the ribbon.



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