In view of the challenges facing the world and also the Netherlands in relation to Corona (COVID-19), the KVNRO, on the advice of the TMPT Committee, has had to conclude that the organization of the TMPT 2020 can no longer take place as planned on 19 and 20 May 2020.


As a result, TMPT 2020 will no longer take place.


The huge impact of COVID-19, the possible long-term effects and the organizational uncertainties mean that it has been decided not to postpone the TMPT to a later date in 2020.


We assume that the 72nd TMPT will be held on 11 and 12 May 2021.


We know that not holding the TMPT in May 2020 will be disappointing news for all teams that have registered and prepared. At the same time we experience from several mails that there is understanding for this decision.

The decision was also taken with regard to the expected burden on medical staff and the infrastructure needed to cope with this COVID-19 pandemic. As an organization, we do not want to increase the enormous challenge that the Netherlands also faces by drawing on the available military capabilities.


Stay healthy and take care of each other!



  • lkol  M.M. Peeters (voorzitter)
  • elnt (bd) C.A. Webbers (penningmeester/schieten)
  • kap M.H.J. van der Velden (secretariaat)
  • kpl (bd) A. Kolbeek (secretariaat)
  • elnt (bd)  R. Pak (coörd personeel/transport/legering)
  • maj (bd) Eugenio van Berkom (ops ost)
  • kap G. van 't Klooster (routes)
  • maj (bd) J. Talen (routes en afstandschatten)
  • maj (bd) J.J.T. Gianotten (routes en snelmars)
  • lkol (bd) G.H.P. Scheepers (marsroutes)
  • maj M.J.A.G. Heikoop (adviseur)
  • sm C.Beckers (coörd. LO/S)
  • sgt 1 R. Everduim (coörd. LO/S)


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