Items of the TMPT 2019


To be eligible for the TMPT Cross introduced by the KVNRO or – if the participant has already earned one or more in the past – for a number in silver to be mounted on the medal ribbon, the team must meet the following requirements:

  • The course A and B assignments must be completed in one day within 10 hours.
  • The course C and D assignments must be completed within 10 hours on the other day.
  • The sequence of the assignments to be completed, including whether they are to be completed on the first or the second day, varies per team.
  • If a penalty run is required for the third time, the TMPT requirements will not have been met. The team will then be eliminated from the trials.
  • Dress: combat dress, field dress or equivalent without pack.
  • In case of superior power (force majeure), the TMPT-organisation has the right to modify the contents of the assignments.


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A1: Moving by bicycle  




A2: Map reading by kayak  




A3: Survival course. 




A4: National obstacle course. 




A5: Speedmarch 




B6: Orientation track in rough terrain 




C7: Map-reading task by bicycle 




C8: Throwing hand grenades. 




C9: Estimating distances. 




C10: Speedmarch. 




D11: March 




D12: Shootingtest. 





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