General rules TMPT 2019

TMPT general rules                                                              2019


TMPT: general information

The TMPT Committee of the Royal Association of Netherlands Reserve Officers (KVNRO) and the LO/Royal Netherlands Army Sports organisation organises the Two-day Military Performance Trials (TMPT) annually. The TMPT is a team event. The objective of the TMPT is to give participants the opportunity to demonstrate as a team that they are able, on two successive days, to traverse considerable distances on foot and by bicycle and that they possess a range of military skills, without damaging their health. It is not the intention that the courses will be completed in the shortest possible time: the TMPT is definitely not a competition!


All participants are expected to report to the TMPT secretariat, building 113, De Harskamp Barracks on the day before the TMPT between 15.00 and 20.00 hrs. Here, the participants will be informed of all of the necessary details.


Date check-in: Monday 27 May 2019

Location check-in: Building 113, The Harskamp Barracks, Otterloseweg 5, NL-6732 BR Harskamp. Telephone number: 00 31 (0) 318 681 911.


Weapon familiarization

As of this year on Monday evening (7th of May), a weapon familiarization program wil be held. Participation is mandatory for participants from abroad. Participation will be recorded on a overview with all foreign participants.
You will be informed of exact time and locations. Keep in mind that this will take place after the general briefing.








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