Two-day Military Performance Trials (TMPT)


The Two-day Military Performance Trials (TMPT) is a sporting military performance event for all military personnel of armed forces, involving teams of two servicemen.

It requires a varied amount of physical and military skills but it is not a competition!



The TMPT takes place annually on the Tuesday and Wednesday before Ascension Day. Professionals and reserves servicemen of all armed forces can enter this event, which takes place around the military base Harskamp.Logo KVNRO



The TMPT is organised by the TMPT-committee,in which the Royal Association of Netherlands Reserve Officers (KVNRO) closely co-operates with the Physical


 Training/Sports Organisation of the Royal Netherlands Army.



The TMPT is affiliated with the Bureau of International Military Sports (BIMS).



Successful completion of the Trials entitles competitors to the Cross of the Royal Netherlands Association of Reserve Officers, the so-called TMPT-Cross. This decoration may be worn on the military uniform.



  • lkol  M.M. Peeters (voorzitter)
  • elnt (bd) C.A. Webbers (penningmeester/schieten)
  • kap M.H.J. van der Velden (secretariaat)
  • kpl (bd) A. Kolbeek (secretariaat)
  • elnt (bd)  R. Pak (coörd personeel/transport/legering)
  • elnt (bd) Eugenio van Berkom (ops ost)
  • kap G. van 't Klooster (routes)
  • maj (bd) J. Talen (routes en afstandschatten)
  • maj (bd) J.J.T. Gianotten (routes en snelmars)
  • maj (bd) G.H.P. Scheepers (marsroutes)
  • maj M.J.A.G. Heikoop (adviseur)
  • sm C.Beckers (coörd. LO/S)
  • sgt 1 R. Everduim (coörd. LO/S)


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