“Warfare 2030: Technology, Policy, Ethics”

31 oktober 2018

        “Warfare 2030: Technology, Policy, Ethics” 

Dear President, dear vice-Presidents, dear CIOR-colleagues, 


It is with great pleasure that I’m forwarding you the invitation for the upcoming 2019 CIOR Seminar. 


As you all know from our presentation in council in Quebec, the 2019 Seminar is entitled:


                               “Warfare 2030: Technology, Policy, Ethics” 


In this three day seminar we will address present and future developments concerning means of warfare. This concerns amongst others development on autonomous devices, on social media/InfoOps, policy development in these domains, ethical aspects regarding these developments, addressing legal aspects regarding these developments, and how do we deal with non-state actors, having access to these new techniques and possibilities as well? What do these developments mean regarding ‘the cost of warfare’? 

To address these topics, we have been able to attract speakers from all over the world, all subject matter experts.  


This seminar is particularly interesting for reservist and regular colleagues active in these domains (policy and doctrine developers, military legal experts, young (reserve) officers (meaning: our future commanding officers),  colleagues working in knowledge centres etc etc). 


During these three days, you´ll have sufficient opportunity sharing your knowledge, information and ideas with colleagues and speakers, from participating nations.This seminar promises to be a a fantastic opportunity to gain more knowledge and grip on these dizzying developments.

Please proceed this invitation to whom it may concern. Registration is possible
 as of today through:
When: 09.00 AM Sunday, January 27th until 7 PM Tuesday, January 29th;
Where: Gustav Stresemann Institut (GSI), Bonn, Germany;
What: introductions, workshops, lodging, meals etc., etc for € 250,-
 (excl. registration fees);
Seats available: 60
On behalf of the CIOR Seminar committee, I’m very much looking forward 
welcoming you on the 2019 CIOR Seminar!
Ontwikkeld door Faceworks BV